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Posted by on Oct 1, 2015 in ARANCIO 601 | 0 comments

Quick Dash Around the World

Quick Dash Around the World

As mentioned in an earlier post, I have quite and extensive list of parts that I am chasing for this restoration. For peace of mind I am trying to account for at least the major components at this early stage.

One such item was a dashtop. The reason my car has rusty floors can be traced back to a dodgy windscreen seal I believe. I do have a new windscreen to go in when the time comes thankfully.

The dashtop was quite knackered when I removed it. It practically fell apart. The firewall and windscreen edge were surprisingly rust free, however there will be rust repairs to be done where the dash fixes to the A pillars.

I had noticed on the forums that cracked dashes are quite common on the Montreal so I had to jump when I found an excellent dashtop in the UK. Not cheap to buy and ship but I think it was still cheaper than a dash re-skin.

Another item I didn’t realize was on the unobtanium list is the dashtop vents. Thankfully a member on the AlfaBB came to my rescue with one vent and the other was sourced in Germany. Some owners have gone so far as to 3D print them. Interesting tidbit is that there are 4 vents for the Montreal, 2 on the instrument binnacle and two on the dash top. Of the two on the dashtop there is a Left (sinistra) and a Right (destra) version. These vents aren’t in common with any of the other 105 models unfortunately. You can see in my photos they are marked S & D.

First picture is of my stuffed dash.

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