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Posted by on Jun 24, 2015 in ARANCIO 601, GENERAL | 0 comments

Metal Magic

Metal Magic

My Montreal has arrived at a secret rural location to undergo its necessary metal surgery. Many hours were spent crawling over the car to ascertain the plan of attack for getting the body back in order.  I spent a few hours bagging and tagging all the loose parts and removing any that would impede the first stage of body work.

The dash was still in place, so when that was removed I knew there was nastiness to be found. The car had obviously had a windscreen seal fail and the dashtop was toast. All the insides of it had rusted and decayed. Once removed I was pleasantly surprised to see the majority of the firewall where it attached was unharmed. There will need to be some work done on the ends where the dash fixed to the A pillars but that is it.

First large metal project will be the floors. During its previous stalled restoration one side had been cut out and a panel was in the process of being fabricated, albeit crudely. I have found that Mr Fiat sell a good quality reproduction so it will be great to put new metal in.

The friend who is doing the work can handform panels and is an excellent welder so it is in good hands.


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