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Posted by on Feb 12, 2015 in GENERAL, HISTORY | 0 comments

The Unloved Twin

The Unloved Twin

There were two prototype Montreals that were prepared for the 1967 Expo in Montreal, Canada. One resides in the showroom Alfa Romeo Museum (Museo Storico) in Milan (lets hope it re-opens soon).  The other is languishing in the basement of the same facility. Hopefully the second car will be released from its prison some day, but for now it makes for some interesting photos. It sits forlornly on some cheap steel rims. After leaving Montreal the prototypes were fitted with GTA rims for testing but these are also long gone.

Some of the interior has been stripped out including the steering wheel. It still sports a 4 cylinder twin cam engine but this may be the 2L 105 engine that replaced the 1600Ti engine that was present for the exposition. Its front heart also seems broken which is ironic due to that being a problem on the production version.

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