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Posted by on Oct 31, 2014 in GENERAL | 0 comments

That 70’s Interior

That 70’s Interior

The Montreal had some pretty lairy exterior colours (which I will explore in another post) so it is only fitting that there were some bright colour options for the interior.

It seems most cars had a velour fabric/vinyl combination, however it has been reported that a few cars were factory fitted with leather. Many more cars are having their interiors ‘restored’ to leather with alacantara also being popular.

The velour was used on the front seats, with the sides and back being the vinyl material. It is called ‘texalfa’ and was used across the range of Alfas. It is also known as imitation leather and was often produced by a manufacture called ‘Skai”. Many people get confused when the Alfa Romeo Archives send them the build information on their car and it specifies the interior as ‘Leather Skai’. Leather in this case is actually the colour, and Skai is the material.

The back and sides of the front seats are vinyl, as was the rear seat/luggage shelf.

Carpet colours often don’t relate to the seat colour and it is common to see a black interior with light grey carpets. Then to completely throw consistency out the window, the boot carpet was often different to the floor carpet! Carpet colours were black, grey, beige, brown, blue, red, and green.

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